Chin Wags with The Old Codgers' Club - Fraud and Scams - Part 2 - Human Trafficking and Fraud Farms

Across South East Asia, in particular, educated, intelligent and articulate young people are taking up job offers and travelling to nearby countries, often at their own expense, only to find that the job is to operate internet and telephone frauds. They are kidnapped, held incommunicado and often beaten, starved or otherwise tortured if they try to leave, complain about conditions or question the "work" they are doing.

If they underperform, they may be sold into prostitution or labour such as construction or agriculture. Their families often try but cannot find them.

In this episode of ChinWags with The Old Codgers' Club, the OCC looks at the issue from diverse perspectives and with passion as the whole team is reminded why they work in financial crime risk and compliance: it's to help catch the bad guys and take away their profits.