Chin Wags - What "they" don't tell you about being a money laundering reporting officer

The job title "Money Laundering Reporting Officer" or MLRO is as old as money laundering risk and compliance but the job itself has changed out of all recognition. It used to be primarily about risk. Now it's primarily about compliance. It's intellectually, mentally and emotionally demanding and it is rarely appreciated. Julia Chin is an experienced MLRO and two of the OCC have extensive and experience of being an MLRO. The third member is a strategist who defines the directions that MLROs should travel in.

FinCrimeTV's Chinwags is hosted by Julia Chin, Compliance Officer of HugoSave.

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The Old Codgers' Club:

Mark R Outhwaite is a very experienced banker and compliance officer and is now an independent consultant and trainer.

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Des Hellicar-Bowman has more than 20 years' experience at board level in banks and fintechs in financial crime risk and compliance who takes on roles as interim and consultany compliance officer and independent trainer.

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Nigel Morris-Cotterill has been a financial crime risk and compliance strategist since 1994 and was a solicitor in London before that. He is the author of several books, papers and many articles. He is available for consultancy and strategic discussions and training assignments.

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