FinCrimeTV Chin Wags FinTech and Financial Inclusion - Conclusion The Thoughts of Chairman Chin

To conclude the series FinTechs and Financial Inclusion, Julia Chin sums up what has gone before and asks The Old Codgers' Club for their one-sentence that makes what they think is the single most important point.

That was never going to work and The OCC add in things that had been skipped or not given sufficient weight.

Spoiler Alert: the series should have been called FinTechs and Financial Exclusion, the OCC conclude. It's not the fault of FinTech companies - it is simply that they are the wrong type of business to solve the problem.

Chairman Chin's position as a sitting MLRO in a FinTech company results in her saying that the discussion has raised far more questions than it has answered and the FinTech industry is not considering many of them.


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