FinCrimeTV The Shoulders of Giants C Lou Hennig

FinCrimeTV's series The Shoulders of Giants introduces guests with decades of experience so that viewers can build in that experience, taking industries forward, rather than re-doing work that has been done, often, decades earlier.

As C Lou Hennig puts it: today there is no sense of history, nothing to build on.

C. Lou Hennig has worked in IT since 1989, across multiple disciplines. In this video she talks about risks that are viewed as current but which are, in most cases, the result of poor decision making of the sort she sees today, every day.

She tells us why people are enamoured with technologies they know very little about, why people become fans of apparently new technology and why they should focus on the needs of their business rather than chasing the latest tech in business operations, cybersecurity and more.

Hennig talks about basics that companies, in their rush to shiny tech overlook – such as data compatibility and clean-up – that leads to expense and wasted time – to say nothing of unexpected results.

Outsourced product development means that designers and coders who change jobs frequently have no loyalty to the final product or the ultimate client. So product quality is poor.

In cybersecurity: sales are driven by desired results, rather than making a wide-assessment of the technologies.

Data quality and integrity are key but many people are more excited by the amount of data. Also, data structures that used to work may not work today and future proofing should be at the heart of development – and purchasing decisions.

“AI brings to the table added risk.”

Re: The Cloud and SAAS – it’s no coincidence that large data breaches occur with increasing frequency. The problem is inherent in the architecture.

Hennig warns that as we see cyberwars and global unrest the problems with the DNS network that go back to ARPNET and have never been resolved will become a serious risk.

Re AI: the human approach and the logic doesn’t change – what changes is the tooling. It does the same things really, really fast.

And finally: you may think your business is different but no, it isn’t.

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Note: in the last few minutes, Google Meet, which we used as the recording platform, "froze" the guest's image. The audio is unaffected.