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The Financial Crime Forum: Online EU 16 April, 2024 14:00 Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona etc.

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The Financial Crime Forum


The Financial Crime Forum Online - EU - 16 April, 2024 14:00 Paris, Frankfurt, Barcelona etc.

The first Financial Crime Forum dedicated to Financial Crime Risk and Compliance in the EU.

14:05 TBA
14:30 David Hotte - Supporting third countries to minimise the risk of listing.
14:55 Christian Hunt - The behavioural science aspects of ethics and compliance.

Price: EUR25.00

The Forum is conducted in English.


The European Union has been at the forefront of legislation and regulation in relation to money laundering since the first Money Laundering Directive in 1991. Over time, the focus has moved from controlling the proceeds of crime to a regulatory regime for an ever expanding range of businesses. After six Directives which allow individual member countries significant freedom in the content and implantation of local laws, and which have seen some countries take a number of years to bring in their own versions, the EU has decided to abandon Directives in favour of Regulations. Regulations give the EU direct control and Regulations become national laws on their commencement date. This centralised control has led to a concentration of power with the creation of "The Anti Money Laundering Authority" which will be housed in Frankfurt, where it will be close to The European Central Bank which, in the days of the global financial crisis developed the system of Regulation to give it direct control over the EU's financial sector.

Yet the EU is not a country. It is a federation of independent states and many people across the EU are hostile to the concentration of power. This has been the EU's Achilles' Heel: for decades it has tried to impose standards across the bloc but individuality persists not merely by nations but by regions within nations.

So, fraud on the EU budget is a pastime for many farmers; despite the free movement of goods, differences in rates of duty means that there is intra-Community smuggling; open borders has provided the opportunity for people smugglers, independent illegal migrants and human traffickers to move freely around a massive area; ditto all forms of contraband including illegal drugs. It has also created the mechanisms by which carousel fraud can thrive. Add in varying rates of taxation on services delivered electronically and the cost of compliance actively encourages businesses to evade tax.

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