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The Financial Crime Forum: "We're making your education budget go further. "

The Financial Crime Forum

The Financial Crime Forum: Online has announced a ground-breaking policy to enable access from small companies, developing countries and cash-strapped training departments everywhere: tickets to online events start at just GBP10.00 plus UK tax where applicable.

Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs across tech and finance. Training and education budgets have been allocated to the maintaining of certifications, in the developing world foreign currencies are expensive, overseas trips are all but impossible, currency controls bite all but the smallest payments. Self-funded training is costly.

"So we're changing that, " said Nigel Morris-Cotterill, announcing the latest in his group's initiatives. "Since the 1990s, we've been looking for ways to overcome your difficulties in getting access to advanced thinking."

From now until June, almost all Financial Crime Forum: Online events start at GBP10 per ticket. The sooner you buy, the less you pay.

For the month in which the Forum is held, full price
For the preceding month: 50% reduction
For the anti-penultimate month, 80% reduction.
(percentages are approximate)

Hint: It's almost the end of January so prices for February and March Fora will increase in a couple of days.

In February:

KYC and Privacy
KYC and Identity
Crypto Crime

In March:
KYC: Leveraging "whole customer" data
Upskilling the Risk and Compliance Function

For Fora in February, we have retained the 80% discount to take account of Christmas/New Year/Chinese New Year which came about almost immediately we launched the programme.

Book now at the Financial Crime Forum website at

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