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Free Access to The Financial Crime Forum: Online for Universities, Colleges and Schools.

The Financial Crime Forum

The Financial Crime Forum, the leader in live and online events presenting advanced thinking in financial crime risk and compliance, has announced an initiative to provide unrivalled access to students in recognised educational institutions to watch proceedings in a group to encourage discourse in areas outside their strict curriculum.

The Financial Crime Forum has been delivering advanced thinking to financial institutions, governments and law enforcement, globally, since 1999.

As part of the Forum's growing on-line schedule, new opportunities present themselves.

One of those is the launch of the Forum's scheme for universities, colleges and schools.

Working with the education sector, the Forum provides a unique opportunity for students to hear lectures from leaders in their fields.

The scheme is simple to operate: educational establishments register for a single connection to their lecture hall, etc.

"We encourage cross-discipline groups from, say, law, criminology, technology, banking, politics, finance and accountancy and business management. The Forum's topics are many and varied. Our hope is that attending in this way will promote both intra and inter-disciplinary discourse. We want to break down the walls of silos that, later, become so entrenched that, as we see today, things go horribly wrong and national, international and even company efforts to detect and deter financial crime are lost in a morass of individually-produced demands. For the future of the discipline of financial crime risk and compliance, that must stop. The next generation of policy-makers, law-makers and regulators is, sadly, our best hope," said Nigel Morris-Cotterill, Chairman of The Financial Crime Forum and a financial crime risk and compliance pioneer.

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