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Meet FinCrimeTV's Mei Ling, a computer generated news presenter

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FinCrimeTV ( has quietly added a unique member of the team - Mei Ling, a computer-generated news presenter.


Mei Ling is artificial but she's not intelligent: as an animated image that appears to read the news, Mei Ling is a demonstration of the art of deception.

"She" looks pretty real and sounds much nicer than the voices in vending and car park part payment machines.

But Mei Ling doesn't originate content . In fact, her content is produced by the editorial team at World Money Laundering Report. So it's actual, not artificial intelligence.

"One of the reasons we use this technology", said Nigel Morris-Cotterill, founder of FinCrimeTV, "is that we can demonstrate the limitations of the tech - and how easy it is to increase the believability of the character. For example, in her introductory video, the character mispronounces her own name, something easily fixed with some simple tweaking of the script, without the need to use the specialist functions of the generating platform.

Mei Ling has an introductory video here:
and you can watch the news here:…

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