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Stellar lineup for Physical Human Trafficking Forum 22 June, 2023

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The Financial Crime Forum


The Financial Crime Forum: Online has an outstanding line-up of speakers for its online Forum on 22 June, 2023 at 09:00 GMT



08:45 Platform opens for login
09:00 Welcome and introduction
09:30 Andrew Fleming
10:30 Angus Thomas
11:30 Manoj Gurani
12:30 Senior police officer, India
13:30 Wrap up and Thanks
13:45 Platform closes.

Speakers' Biogs:

Andrew Fleming

Organised crime and human trafficking
Andrew Fleming spent 30 years in the Metropolitan Police dealing with organised and serious crime including financial crime and human trafficking. He subsequently held a number of senior positions in financial services groups and was recently appointed EMEA reporting lead covering 27 countries with Deutsche Bank.
Senior Police Officer. India

India as a both a source and destination for traffickers and sex tourists.
This speaker is an extremely senior police officer in a state well known for its natural beauty and for the friendliness of its residents, factors which make it both a source for trafficked persons and a destination for sex tourists.
Angus Thomas

The flesh trade between Ghana and Nigeria and the Middle East
Angus has a lifetime working with victims of human trafficking. In 2019 he initiated the Send Them Home campaign, rescuing and repatriating numerous Nigerian women from the clutches of human trafficking in the UAE. He is also the Founder of The Hope Project in Ghana.
Manoj Gurani

Rescuing vulnerable children and others.
Manoj Gurani leads a team that has conducted more than 300 successful rescue operations so far and saved more than 5,000 children, voiceless and oppressed people from Modern Slavery. Most of the victims were affected by sex trafficking.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill, Chairman, The Financial Crime Forum said "The trafficking of people for the sex trade or for modern slavery is far from new: Joseph (of Technicolour Dreamcoat fame) was sold into slavery by his brothers in Genesis in The Bible. Forced labour, in a myriad forms, has characterised all manner of societies throughout history.

"Child labour was part of the economic development of Britain's Industrial Revolution. It remains commonplace in many societies and, often, there is far more than an economic imperative: children working in their parents' businesses is often a good thing, despite the strident tones of "activists." Not all "child labour" is "forced labour."

"But, trafficking and forced labour are always wrong. As always, at The Forum, we will look at the issue from multiple perspectives.

"We have, deliberately, not followed the common path of inviting victims to present their story. We are able to tell stories objectively and, we believe, in a way that will help those in trade, commerce and finance to be aware of how the business operates and what to look out for. "

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