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Vortex Centrum announces FinCrimeTV

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Vortex Centrum Limited, publisher of World Money Laundering Report, has announced the launch of FinCrimeTV.


FinCrimeTV is hosted on YouTube in its own channel where it has a number "playlists" including Chin Wags with Julia Chin and The Old Codgers' Club discussing both long-standing and current topics in a at a serious level in a very informal atmosphere

The "Basics" series starts with "What is Financial Crime?" and spreads to cover, in videos lasting less than five minutes' each, a wide range of topics, stripping back all the common complexity to lay bare the basics from which all financial crime risk and compliance understanding begins.

Over the next few weeks, more channels (youTube calls them "playlists") will be added.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill says "This is the last brick in the wall for the financial crime risk and compliance ecosystem that began with a small consultancy in 1994, the launch of World Money Laundering Report in 1999 and has grown to include face to face training, lectures and seminars, elearning, The Financial Crime Forum and more. "

The plan is that FinCrimeTV will be free at the point of delivery and will be supported by advertising and sponsorship.

Like, Share and Follow but most of all Watch FinCrimeTV at

"There's an introduction to FinCrime TV at," said Morris-Cotterill

FinCrimeTV is from Vortex Centrum, a UK Corporation.

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