On 24 July, 2023, the FIU of Belize updated the Consolidated List of Listed Persons (i.e. individuals and entities subject to targeted financial sanctions under the laws of Belize), deleting two individuals who have been de-listed by the ISIL (Da'esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee, says Andrew Dalip reviewing the changes.

editor's note: the changes draw attention to the difference between frozen assets and those that are confiscated.

In 1998, Australian Senator Stephen Conroy became Shadow Minister for Financial Services and Regulation, a period that covered the introduction of the Financial Transaction Reports Act 1988, the creation of AUSTRAC and the introduction of what was, at the time, a comprehensive set of law and regulation. By 2010, he'd had several other jobs, in government and in opposition, and as Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy he'd set his sights on consumer protection in technology and he wanted to introduce an Australian internet-wide filter.

The segregation of duties is a fundamental principle of internal controls that helps to mitigate the risk of fraud, errors, and unauthorized activities. Here's how segregation of duties can strengthen internal controls in various functions of finance, says Abdul Khaliq.

The UK is proposing that there be a duty on organisations to protect themselves against fraud. Peter Taylor summarises the position and explains some of the complexities it will bring across commerce and industry.

The Wall Street Journal described the penalties that will be paid by Merrill Lynch's broker-dealer arm, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated, as "fines" but that was only the start of what the paper got wrong.

The errors reflect widespread misunderstanding of money laundering law and regulation but also draw attention to a widely under-recognised "feature" of US counter-money laundering laws.

It is reported that fintech company Revolut lost in 2021, due to a "flaw" in its systems, USD23 million of its own money. USD3 million, approx, has been recovered. How did it find out?

It wasn't clever transaction monitoring.....

Cannabis-derived products like delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC have flooded the US market – Prakash and Miti Nagarkatti explain the medicinal benefits and potential risks.

In a significant development for the cryptocurrency industry, Hong Kong retail investors will have the opportunity to trade major cryptocurrency tokens starting from 1 June, says Adi Saadon.

Of all the things that the British can justly claim to have left behind at the end of its empire, the most pervasive is corruption.

This article by Dan McKee of the British Library shows examples.

In the USA, the term "redlining" has been adopted by prosecutors as a replacement for "postcode profiling." Whichever term is used, it relates to discriminatory practices based on districts with substantial black and Latino residents being marked for apparently unfair treatment.