World Money Laundering Report Volume 1 Number 1

The very first issue of World Money Laundering Report put the cat amongst the pigeons and set the tone for a publication that would challenge practitioners, supranational bodies, regulators and governments to think beyond the narrow approaches that were already being demonstrated.

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World Money Laundering Report 1
Volume 1 Number 1 1
Published November 1999 1
From the Editor 1
Bank of New York: a story waiting to happen? 5
Editorial: The First Step on a Long Journey 13
Hot Seat: The WMLR Interview. Jim Sloan, Director, FinCEN 16
FATF: A US Lackey? The Financial Action Task Force needs to wake up or break up. 24
Offshore Update: Inter-governmental efforts to foil International Tax Evasion may be unfair and immoral but they are inevitable. 29
Flip Side: 50
Basics 53
Compliance 57
Conference Notebook 64
17th Annual Symposium on Economic Crime, Cambridge, England, Sept. 1999. 64
The Scoop: FinCEN - The Background Story. 68
Europe: Draft Second Money Laundering Directive 81
Book Review 88
Understanding Russian Banking. 88