Heavily armed political extremist not charged as terrorist.

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A man, a member of an extremist anti-government "movement" armed with a loaded "ghost gun" is the stuff of US cop drama. That he also had a machine gun that he "brandished" near a school is the stuff of news broadcasts.

Just what does it take to be charged with terrorism offences in the USA?

Twenty-Six years old Isaac Aaron Morgan Loftus from Pasadena, Los Angeles, USA, was arrested in November 2022. He "allegedly sympathises" with anti-government group "Boogaloo".

Police received reports of that a man had pointed a gun at passing motorists and was himself wearing a "tactical vest and cargo" trousers the significance of which is that they have lots of pockets for more weapons, ammunition and other items. When searched, Loftus was found to be carrying : "two heavy duty zip ties, a tactical plate carrier, a pocketknife with a three-inch blade, a black knife with a four-inch fixed blade, and two key fobs for a Honda Clarity that had been reported stolen from a car dealership earlier in the day."

At his hip, he had a holster containing a 9mm handgun of unspecified type. "The holster was decorated with symbols commonly associated with the Boogaloo movement, according to the affidavit."

Then they searched the Honda which had been involved in a hit-and-run incident earlier in the day. "Law enforcement searched the Honda and found a loaded 9mm “ghost gun” in the glove compartment and a toolbox containing the upper and lower receiver of a nearly 12-inch AR-style rifle, a drop-in auto sear – designed for converting a semi-automatic firearm into a fully automatic machine gun – dozens of rounds of various calibres of ammunition, approximately 23 magazines, and a silencer"

Then they went to his home: "During a search of Loftus’s residence, law enforcement allegedly found firearms and firearms cases, dozens of additional auto sears, and a large U.S. flag with symbols consistent with the Boogaloo ideology."

According to the US Department of Justice, "The “Boogaloos” are a loosely organized anti-government extremist movement whose adherents believe there will be a civil war or uprising against the United States government following perceived incursions on constitutional rights – including the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms – or other perceived government overreach."

So, not a terrorist nor providing material support, then.

One more thing: Loftus is banned from possessing a firearm in California.