US prosecutes national organised crime group skimming payment cards at petrol stations.

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Seven defendants, all from Miami in Florida, have been charged under the USA's RICO (organised crime) laws with conspiracy to conduct organised crime activities (racketeering) and money laundering.

It is alleged that the group operated across the USA for ten years, installing devices at petrol stations to copy card data from debit and credit cards.

It is alleged that the group led by Eduardo Rodriguez, also known as Ogbe Bara, 40, of Fort Myers, Florida, installed skimming devices on petrol and diesel pumps throughout the United States to fraudulently collect credit and debit card information from customers.

From 2014 to April 2024, they allegedly used the stolen card data to create fraudulent credit and debit cards, which they used to purchase items including prepaid debit cards and electronics, to make ATM withdrawals, and to make cashback purchases from retail outlets.

Members and associates of the organisation also used “fences” to sell the illegally obtained items for cash. The defendants also allegedly engaged in acts involving access device fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, interstate transportation of stolen goods, and the sale and receipt of stolen goods.

The defendants are each charged with one sample count of RICO conspiracy and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

In addition to Eduardo Rodriguez, the following defendants have been charged in the indictment:

Idalberto Rivero, also known as El Monstro, El Mostro, and Monster, 53, of Miami
Anyelo Jesus Muino Ayala, also known as Justin Bieber, 26, of Miami
Pedro Raul Zequeira Alvarez, also known as Yery Yery, 33, of Miami
Raul Ferrao Pons, also known as Rauli and Ninja, 32, of Miami
Jorge Enrique Fonseca Vazquez, also known as Ogberoso, 32, of Miami
Luis Gustavo Diaz, also known as Ogberdi, 39, of Miami