USA alleges Yakuza trafficked nuclear material from Burma via Thailand.

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It is alleged by the US Department of Justice's office in the Southern District of Manhattan that TAKESHI EBISAWA has, in his possession in Thailand, samples of uranium and weapons-grade plutonium which he offered to sell to an undercover officer of the USA's Drugs Enforcement Agency.

In cooperation with authorities in Thailand, the material was seized and EBISAWA was arrested. Both the samples and EBISAWA were transferred to the authorities in the USA.

EBISAWA and co-defendant SOMPHOP SINGHASIRI were previously charged in April 2022 with international narcotics trafficking and firearms offences, and both have been ordered detained. They will be re-charged this week under a superseding (amended) indictment.

The District Attorney's Office alleges that EBISAWA negotiated on the understanding that the material could be used in a nuclear weapons scheme.

Included in the samples was "yellowcake" known to be useable in weapons. Also was a brown powder.

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