What do you do when you receive a letter saying someone wants to send you a lot of money?

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When that letter is from literally the other side of the world and says you are the beneficiary of an estate and your share is about GBP150,000, you'd throw it in the bin, wouldn't you? Let's face it - the "dead relative" advance fee fraud is about as popular as the "I've stolen money from the government and need help to get it out of the country.

And what if they keep writing? And knock on your door?

You'd hide, right? Because no one actually wants to give anyone that kind of money. Obviously it's a scam.

But it wasn't and now a court has said "clearly he doesn't want it. So let's pretend he doesn't exist."

The full story is here: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/man-spends-14-years-avoiding-people-who-w…