Anatomy of a Soldier - Parker

Harry Parker

The name Harry Parker sounds exactly like what it is - the name of an English soldier.

His novel, Anatomy of a Soldier, is a fascinating and carries lessons for everyone in Financial Crime Risk and Compliance

I read Anatomy of a Soldier and it took me a week. It wasn't an easy book to read but it's fascinating. I read it before I read anything about the author beyond what's on the dust-jacket and that is ultra-brief. I suggest you do the same.

Without giving anything away, what did I get out of it? We look at things as if they are one thing and ignore the reality that they are the sum of their parts and that each part has a story to tell.

That thought is one I return to over and over again when I look at risk, technology or any of the other things that people engage me to do.

The whole is one thing only because of the many little things.

The book is available direct from the publisher, other bookshops, online or, where I came across it, in a remainder shop like BookExcess in Malaysia

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