cover - invisible trillions

Invisible Trillions* - Baker

Raymond W Baker

How Financial Secrecy is imperiling capitalism and democracy - and the way to renew our broken system.

We requested this book for review because extracts from it suggested that it would prove extremely valuable for financial crime risk and compliance professionals. The extracts we saw related to factual material about money flows presented in a way that was not written for economists.

And we were right. That is all there.

But ...

The Foreword is written by someone who is named but not identified and it might as well have been written by one of the left-wing, high-tax groups which make frequent attacks on lawyers, accountants and the like for no reason than they have a different political viewpoint. Baker himself writes "this is not an anti-capitalist screed" but he gets away with that only be redefining "capitalism."

It is a book that draws extensively on the author's previous works for self-corroboration and is heavy on opinion and light on reasoning. It will play well in the broad left market.

For the middle of politics, any critical thinking about it will result in frustration and, even, indignation.

But... there's that factual information which drew us to the book in the first place.

And it's good. Cut out all the politicking, the flawed economic viewpoint and and look at the numbers, build those into financial crime risk and compliance models, and there is real value here.

And that gives the lie to the title: Baker reports on the money so it's not invisible for those that know where to look and Baker, for all his views that some will enjoy and some will despise, has done just that.

*They aren't Trillions. They are billions i.e. one million million.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill
Penguin Random House