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World Money Laundering Report offers a range of promotional opportunities to help you align yourself with quality reporting and opinion in the area of financial crime risk and compliance.

As the primary publication of The Financial Crime Risk and Compliance ecosystem that includes consultancy, training, e-learning, The Financial Crime Forum and Financial Crime Broadcasting, World Money Laundering Report is the connecting tissue.

We offer:

Display Advertising
Press Release
Sponsored articles / white papers

Display advertising within articles is placed randomly. Once an ad it placed, it remains in place.
There are two positions/sizes. Mid page (approx) 1200x300px and bottom of page. 1200x500px.

Front page earpiece: this is rented by the month.

All content is promoted to the front page and to a page aggregating all content of each type.

Press releases are available on monthly/annual subscription with a maximum number of releases during that period per month. Releases are subject to approval within one working day (weekdays) and may be subject to an embargo.

Sponsored Articles / White Papers are published by you on our platform. You are entirely responsible for your content. No third-party advertising will be placed in or around your article. Our own banner will be present.

Reviews. We do not charge for reviews because our reviews are independent and honest. We expect hardback or paperback review copies to be sent direct to our nominated reviewer at no charge. We do not permit copy approval of reviews.

Interviews. We will carry interviews conducted by an independent journalist. If you prefer to nominate your own journalist and to control the interview, that will be regarded as a sponsored article. We will permit comments on copy but we have the final say where direct quotes are concerned.

What we don't offer:

Hidden promotions such as "we recommend"
PR masquerading as independent comment

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World Money Laundering Report is published by Vortex Centrum Limited, incorporated in England and Wales.