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Tucker Carlson does not have a secret way of making money.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Tucker Carlson was a top-rated host of a programme on the extremely popular US news network, Fox News which has a reputation for having little more than a passing acquaintanceship with the truth. Now he's a vehicle for a fraud.

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Carlson's audience loved his unswerving support for Trump and his ratings soared with Trump's popularity and, incredibly, even after Trump lost his job pumping the Trump camp's vitriol and lies claiming a stolen election and more.

In April last year, Fox News settled a libel action brought by Dominion Voting Systems. Carlson allowed guests to falsely repeat already disproved claims that the voting technology company had been instrumental in the returning of false results and that those who gave evidence in a trial relating to the claims were implausible. That cost Fox News USD785 million and Carlson and Fox parted company on undisclosed terms i.e. did he jump or was he pushed?

It was not the only controversy at the time. Carlson was famously rude about sexual minorities and told his audience that binary and transgender persons were violent and dangerous" said one group.

And the company paid a former producer USD12 million because of Carlson's "hostile and misogynistic" attitudes to staff in a story that has parallels with part of that of Bombshell, a film that gave a particular view of the growth of the Channel and the behaviour of its founder, Rupert Murdoch.

Now Carlson is making a living filling lecture halls across the country and, recently, in Canada. Controversy is not far away: last month, Bow Valley Credit Union in Alberta, Canada, sponsored his talk. According to local newspaper Lakeland Today, "During a 20-minute speech in Calgary, Carlson claimed immigration was diluting “the voting power of people who are vested in [Canada], people who were born there, who have lived there long-term. He also chided progressive gender ideologies in the country, called Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a cross-dresser and took aim at British Columbia's policy around safe drug supply. Afterwards, he sat down in conversation with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. The event was promoted by the political lobbying group Take Back Alberta."

But it appears that the strategy paid off for the credit union which, the Globe and Mail reported a "burst of growth after Tucker Carlson sponsorship" according to a spokesman.


So, the stage is set: there is a person famous for being controversial, in Canada hobnobbing in public with the Premier of a province. It's a gift to fraudsters.

This is turning up in mailboxes around the world:

"Bank of Canada sues Tucker Carlson for what he said on live TV"

There's an explanation:

" The scandal erupted during a live broadcast when Tucker accidentally revealed his secret on the program. Many viewers paid attention to Tucker's "accidental" words and began to send messages to the airwaves. However, the program was interrupted by a call from the Bank of Canada, who demanded that the program be stopped immediately."

Just one thing: there is absolutely no independent confirmation of this. The headline appears in a Twitter feed with a link.

It bears all the hallmarks of the fake celebrity endorsement schemes that appear from time to time but it's not backed up by fake newspaper reports and more, as they often are (see this example from 2019 - https://www.pleasebeinformed.com/publications/Financial_Crime_Risk_Offi…)

It's clearly a fraud intended to catch the unwary who think Carlson has a private magic formula for making lots of money.